When and how to contact your Congressperson

We the people have a power we often under use and underestimate the power of its use.  That power is the ability to contact the elected members of congress as needed.  This article will help you find out who your congressperson is, when, and how you should contact them.

If you are an average citizen, you may not know exactly who your congressperson is.  You can easily find out by going to the House of Representatives’ website and entering your zip code, here.  Depending on where you live, you may have multiple to choose from so the site may ask for additional address information to confirm.

You can also locate an entire list of the Representatives, here.  This list can be broken down by state, contains contact information for each representative, as well as any special committees they serve on.  Selecting the candidate’s name takes you to their webpage.

From there, it appears most of them have a “Contact” selection on the top right hand corner.  On this page, they may have a variety of topics and resources to choose from.  They also have a location to email the representative directly.  You will be able to only email the congressperson after confirming you are located within their district.

Now, why should you contact your representative?  Well, there are many reasons you are able to reach out to them.  The fact of the matter is, you can reach out to your elected officials about pretty much anything.

Our advice on this, however, is if you would like to contact your elected official, don’t be a Karen about it.  Ensure the topic you are contacting them about is noteworthy and important to those in your area.  For example, the burn pits legislation we are working on with Burn Pits 360Grunt Style and Burn Pits 360 has attempted to meet with several constituents, but they are getting turned away because the representative states there is not enough concern in their district for the topic yet.

This means if you want your representative involved in something like the burn pits legislation, you should contact them! It really can be as simple as picking up a telephone or sending an email.  Imagine what would happen if even half of our audience contacted their representative?!  Not to mention, most of them have social media and ensure it gets checked and responded to frequently, so that is another avenue!

It’s not just about burn pits either.  You can contact your congressperson regarding amendment infringement, local city representatives or laws that are not working for you, and so much more.  We just strongly recommend the reason is viable and well researched.

What would you reach out to your representative for?  Have you reached out to them in the past? What was your experience?

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7 thoughts on “When and how to contact your Congressperson”

  1. Randy Schupbach

    I have been battling the VA for 11+ years. I’ve been in contact with both Senators and both old and new congressman to no avail. I’m on my second lawyer, 1st lawyer moved away. The VA moto delay, denied, hope you die. There is nothing anyone can do. Death is the only thing I have to look forward too

    1. Hi Randy. We fought for 7 years to finally get satisfaction with the VA. Don’t give up! I imagine you already know this but we got help with meeting a VA Advocate through our local County Courthouse. The single thing that I feel helped push our case ahead was putting a small message in the VFW magazine
      In our case specifically giving dates of when and where my husband served on a PT Boat and his service on an aircraft carrier. Good Luck if you’re still having to fight the fight.

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