Veteran owned businesses at risk

Veterans become entrepreneurs at a much higher rate than most other groups. Many troops get out and start a business based on their passions. These entrepreneurs use this as an opportunity to employ other Veterans. Recent events are putting Veteran owned businesses at risk. If we don’t act now, some companies may not be there when the pandemic is over! This is especially troubling when you think about all the Veterans they employ.

How you can help Veteran owned businesses

Seek Veteran owned businesses

Whether you need clothing, hair products, alcohol etc. there is probably a Veteran owned business that does that. Furthermore, most of these companies can ship to your location.  Seek these business out online, and ask what options there are to support them. Some businesses can do curbside pickup outside their location. Others can mail products to designated locations.

Network with these companies and see what Veteran owned companies they already support. Social media is a great way to reach out and discover. Don’t forget many Veterans are employed online, so streaming their music, podcasts, or movies is a great way to help, and stay entertained.

Be patient with order ship times

This is very important as it may be currently difficult to process in bulk. A small business being swamped with over eager customers and complaint may over burdened employees. This is concerting because we want people to take time off if they are sick. We all know Vets are stubborn and will work through illness to accomplish the mission, but they will feel less pressure to do so if customers are understanding. Additionally, a little kindness goes a long way.

Purchase e-gift cards

If you have a few extra bucks, this is a selfless way to help small Veteran owned businesses. You can also use this as a way to introduce friends and coworkers to your favorite companies. Your family may not need these product now, but the extra cash flow may be incredibly important to retaining employees during these hard times. Another idea is to place orders on out of stock products, so businesses know they have purchases coming when they restock.

Show off what you already have

If you got a cool piece of artwork from a Veteran artist, or perhaps some delicious foodstuff from a Vet owned company, show them off on your social media! Mention they are from a Veteran owned company and discuss the importance of supporting them during this period of uncertainty.

Hopefully this all blows over soon, but until that happens we need to all work together. Post any other ideas you have in the comments!  You can also check out the live show we did today, here, at veteran owned Texas Grounds Coffee Company!

Know what we're sayin fam?

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68 thoughts on “Veteran owned businesses at risk”

    1. Avatar

      I hope small stores and veteran owned businesses survive this.

      My daughter is high risk and to make quarantine a little less painful she now owns everything covid!
      Thank you for what you do.
      Keep up the great work!

      1. Avatar
        Steven Isaacs

        I will show my support by shopping online at only vet owned businesses because I feel that small independent businesses are a very important part of the American infrastructure and I’m willing to help in anyway I can being a vet myself I feel that we are an important part of what keeps this country great

  1. Avatar

    Love vets for their service! I will indeed support as much as I can. Thank you for your service ladies and gentlemen. I salute you all for eternity.

    1. Avatar

      I just purchased 2 more shirts; my family and I have most of the graphic shirts. As far as I know my brethren and law enforcement, fire rescue, and military services will always support VET owned businesses. Remember your business and employees are essential! Keep the faith, for God and country.

  2. Avatar
    Jessie Avan Broussard

    I’ll try my best to encourage my employees to purchase nite items from y’all. They live every shirt so far so it shouldn’t be hard…

  3. Avatar
    Jimmy Gayle (Bo)

    I just purchased 2 shirts from y’all today. I would be very upset if y’all’s company couldn’t survive all this if things were to get much worse. In the world we live in today it’s companies like grunt style that make me think there is still a lot of good patriotic people in this country, and very proud to let everybody know it by wearing y’all’s awesome gear. I will do my part to the best of my ability to support all veteran companies. I’m not a vet myself but all 3 Of my grandfathers were not counting friends of mine and coworkers. I’m just a average Vicksburg Mississippi guy that will do everything I can to help. Thanks for everything y’all do and have done.

  4. Avatar

    Definitely supporting you all and others. I think we need YouTube channel links so we can support those vets that have YouTube shows.

  5. Avatar

    Grunt style is awesome and has some of the coolest clothing to make me feel right at home or back in my unit. I always support my fellow brother and sisters in arms.
    B Rodriguez
    Socaltintshop.chino @ Instagram

  6. Avatar

    My wardrobe slowly changes to clothes produced by veteran owned business, the coffee i drink is already veteran owned, and i look for other ways to support veteran owned businesses in other areas of my life.

    Besides, customer service from small business is better anyway! You get a feeling of community and connection.

  7. Avatar
    Nathan Pruitt Sr

    Will definitely support my brother and sisters in arms… do a buddy check often, never know who needs to hear from YOU right now…

  8. Avatar
    Ryan Kilpatrick

    I just placed my first order on an awesome looking hoodie and I will be order much more soon! Thank you and God bless!

  9. Avatar

    I am sorry about anything I may be wrong about. In the very nearest future almost half or more of our Americans will be Veterans. As one myself…I am happy to join any and all that I know is making a difference.

    Schelly Daigle/Trahan Spc or E-3, twice served.
    Geronimo, Ok

  10. Avatar

    I will continue supporting veteran-owned businesses and I am encouraging my friends to do the same. Love every single product I order. Keep it up!

  11. Avatar
    Mike Romeo Charlie

    I think with electronic transactions and such that businesses will continue to be steady or thrive. Of course foot traffic will be low but I think people will find the alternatives more appealing.

  12. Avatar

    I am a small Veteran owned business. The good news is i am home based so staying home is normal. (having wife around all day is not) 🙂 Business has slowed down but i will always support a Vet owned business.

  13. Avatar

    As a Marine Corps Vet. I try my hardest to support veteran owned companies. I order from gruntstyle(club member), badass beard care(club member) and many others. SEMPER FIDELIS!!

  14. Avatar

    Love the hell out of some Grunt Style! Would love it, if you guys sold Coffee from Got Your Six Coffee Company!
    Bad Ass Coffee and Bad Ass Clothes go Great Together!!


  15. Avatar

    Absolutely. I try to buy what I can for my athletes at the gym who are vets, active duty wounded warriors. Since they mandate us to shut the doors, I’m at a loss. Trying to get grants, and praying we get through this pandemic.

  16. Avatar

    If there are any Vets in the Orlando area that are in need of help. Please contact me. I am the owner of 2B Limitless RV Solar and Inspections and my business has all but stopped but I am here to offer any type of help if needed.
    George Agutter
    U.S. Coast Guard

  17. Avatar

    Yes I try to seek out veterans and there products as often as I can. I am a former Army Infantry Sgt and try to support veteran owners first. I thank you Guys for all you do

  18. Avatar
    Scottie Mitchell

    Send out a list of vet business and “General” products they sell to your subscribers via mail. Most the stuff I’m ordering is on line and I know if I had a QRL “quick reference listing” if use that first. Just an idea. I miss being a monthly subscriber but bills and loss of income made me suspend my service until I get back on track after this pandemic.

    Keep doing what your doing Grunt Style.

  19. Avatar

    Thank you so much for this article! I’m a disabled Marine Corps Veteran who uses photography as a form of therapy for my PTSD. Before the virus, I was going to go to festivals and went around to different venues leaving my business cards. Now, I can’t. Not being able to be out and taking pictures and talk to people has been really hard for me.

  20. Avatar

    Pull the boot straps on and get some… I have over a 100 GS shirts and hoodies. Basically the only thing I wear…plus on fridays its nice to stop by the walkup store.. Thank you for all you do

  21. Avatar
    Charles Durkin

    You guys rock I wear my grunt style proudly and always tell everyone to get some anything I can do to help out let me know please

  22. Avatar
    Charles Redmon

    You guys rock keep up the great work.

    I had to close my catering business and let my employees go. Was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do since we train fellow veterans.

    I know have to Quarantine myself away from my family Because at my full-time job today I learned that a delivery driver for our food provider has been to a facility that has multiple cases of COVID-19 and now that I may be exposed.

    The hits keep coming I lost over half my income I have no idea what’s gonna happen next

  23. Avatar

    I am a Iraq war veteran from 2005 since I returned home it took me a while to find my passion and it was right in front of me my whole life. So I decided to return to the family farm and partner with my dad who at the time was farming 100 acres of crops and 75 head of beef cattle. Since I bought in until now we have grown to 750 acres of row crops and we have 200 head of beef cows plus bulls and calves. My next dream would to be able to team up with another veteran owned company to be a fresh beef supplier for their company or for us to branch out as a veteran beef supply company and be able to take in veterans in need of work. In farming there are always tough times always stressful but just keep working hard and you will always come out on the other side.

  24. Avatar

    Would be great to have a resource on-line to search or at least identify in a list Veteran-owned businesses and the products and services they offer. Do you know if such a resource alreasy exists?

  25. Avatar
    MSgt Derrick S. Hatcher USAF(Ret)

    We Veterans are Resilient AF, and won’t fail. Keep pushing and stand tall. Together we can keep kicking A$$! All veteran companies will ALWAYS get my support!!’ 🇺🇸

  26. Avatar

    Thank you for posting this. I’m a veteran with my own K9 training company and my business has just about come to a complete halt. It’s gonna be a rough ride getting back from this.

  27. Avatar

    Outstanding Job everyone. I am working on putting together a website with links to Veteran Owned Companies based on industry.

  28. Avatar

    To all the vets I support you and keep the faith, this will turn. I will keep purchasing your products and have many of the rowing group at Greenville Indoor Rowing keep checking your site. Keep up your great work and stay strong & go forward.

  29. Avatar

    I have a Veteran owned small business, so far things are good… Not horrible.
    I am ALWAYS looking for vet owned companies when i need to buy something online.
    I sell fashion jewelry. Check me out on FB. tea with tisha $5 accessories
    So much fun to be had online during this quarantine.
    Thanks for the support.
    As always… Hoooorah

  30. Avatar
    Daniel Canchola

    I love this!
    Thanks for reminding us about our faithful veterans as they continue their lives back here in the States.
    Our family has a long line of service in our military so we are grateful to you all brothers and sisters for all you do for our country.

    Much Love>Peace be with you all

  31. Avatar

    As a Veteran and Small business owner I been looking at the impact that some of the small business owners are having due to COVID-19. I have a small shop at the Pasadena Indoor Flea Market and due to COVID-19 all Flea Markets been closed down for the past 3 weeks and won’t be open until the first weekend of May. Now is the time to support all local small business owners. It’s been a hard time for everyone but we still have to move forward and find solutions to our problems. Stay strong and carry on.

  32. Avatar

    I have read a few posts here with the same thoughts I have. As a vet I try to support the vet owned businesses, NineLine, Grunt Style, BRCC but, I wish there was a reference list for other Co. MAB this site could do something to help and have a section with some of these businesses.
    I’m running out of space for T shirts😆


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