Poll: Where are you going when COVID-19 is over?

Many hope for a cure to COVID-19, others hope simply to wait it out. However, one thing is certain, we are all ready to get back to normal. To pass the time, we polled a group of around 100 Veterans about where are they going first when all this is said and done. We have listed the top five most popular/frequent answers.

Number 5: “Your mom’s house.”

Haha real mature guys. Our Moms are sweet ladies, NEXT!

Number 4: Go to see family

Sometimes we take family for granted. This is never more apparent than when you can’t see them for a while. Extra sympathy goes out to dual military marriages. Some couples are halfway around the world from each other. Also we miss the family dog (insert some military name like Remington or Kabar).

Number 3: The beach

As a result of being home, traveling to exotic places was a very popular answer. However, most of these locations had one thing in common, they were coastal. The thought of wearing nothing but silkies and sipping a pina colada somewhere in the Florida Keys is tantalizing. Don’t forget the sun block, after quarantine we all are gonna pasty.

Number 2: Sweet lovin’

Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Of course going to see your romantic partner would be a popular answer. No one would blame you for wanting to bolt directly to your gal or man-friend back home. Hey, whatever you’re into, you’ll get no judgment from us- as long as it’s legal. We knew one guy back in boot camp who was in love with a palm tree so…yikes.

Number 1: The bar

It’s one thing to drink at home alone, it’s another to go out. We miss our favorite watering hole, and our favorite bush to pass out in. It’s a time honored tradition of making new friends, then getting so plastered you forget where your pants are. Just make sure you don’t get so hammered your first time out that you commit the cardinal sins of drinking and driving, or texting your ex.

In order for this to happen we all need to do our part to “flatten the curve” so to speak. This means using some of that self-discipline to social distance, practice good habits and wait for this COVID-19 mess to blow over. We can’t wait to see you guys at the next Grunt Style party, but leave us a comment of where you are going first!

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40 thoughts on “Poll: Where are you going when COVID-19 is over?”

  1. Number 3: The Beach for Sure!!
    Can’t wait to get back into the swing of things and head to the Beach with one nice little Titos & Club Soda topped with lemons….yummmmm, under the sun, toes in the sand, just soaking up the sounds of nature with the Loves of my Life!

    1. Definitely want #2…sweet lovin’. I have kept my distance as has he. Im a healthcare worker and he’s a police officer. Missing one another like crazy, BUT doing our part. This has to pass soon!

  2. I have learned to like my prison. #Instatutionalized~! Don’t use this pound sign thingy… because it doesn’t work! LMAO

  3. Jordin Hazelton

    Didn’t mean to put 2 stars 4stars*
    But deff going to a water park and the mall once this is all over!

  4. even though I hate the term trucker and I never wanted to be called a truck driver, I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing all along. Out here on the road delivering what needs to be delivered.

  5. to work – just like i’m doing now but wife says virus transmitting cesspool of germs and sweating obese people disney world – get married and you takes your chances

  6. Douglas Hammond

    When this is over,
    Heading to Florida, rescheduling my fishing trip. (Tarpon, on a fly rod)
    Also, wild boar hunt, central Florida.
    If ur going to the keys. My I say that the best part of the Florida keys is Marathon key. Less $. Enjoy!!! Also the some of the best fishing there too.

  7. We love going to the Kentucky Derby each year and this year we would not make it due to the birth of our first child. Because of COVID they pushed it out until September and now our daughter will be old enough we are comfortable taking her with us! The Kentucky Derby is where we are headed when this $#! is over!

  8. Definitely to the bar first off get a couple rounds of pool in! Also vacation for my kiddos worlds and ocean of fun and LEGO land planned for June hopefully it’s possible to go by then

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