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Former Green Berets arrested in Venezuela in failed coup

This is an insane story with endless finger pointing. Here’s what we know so far. Luke Denman, and Airan Berry are both US citizens. Additionally, they are both former Green Berets. They were captured at sea attempting to lead an incursion in Venezuela.

Berry, 41, was a special forces engineer Sergeant. He served in both Kosovo, and Iraq. Denman, 34, was a special forces communications Sergeant. He deployed to Iraq while serving in the Reserves.

Also involved is Jordan Goudreau, 43. Goudreau is the founder of Silvercorp, a private security firm. Some refer to them as mercenaries. In the same vein, Goudreau was a special forces medical Sergeant, awarded 3 Bronze Stars. This is where things get much more complicated…

Silvercorp tweeted that a strikeforce was invading Venezuela, even tagging President Trump. Silvercorp eventually deleted the tweet, along with their whole Twitter account. Clearly, this is an extremely bizarre occurrence.

Maduro’s government claims they killed 8 people in the raid. Furthermore, they also claim to have detained 13 combatants. They also accuse the US of being behind the failed incursion.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo had a stern response, “If we had been involved, it would have gone differently.”  Additionally, Pompeo said they would not be releasing any additional information just yet.

There are reports that the former Green Berets completely botched the raid. Apparently, they had an airlift rifle when captured. Furthermore, that they landed during the daytime with unencrypted radios.

Silvercorp claims Juan Guaidó hired them. Guaidó is the Venezuelan opposition leader, and denies these claims. Goudreau also claims Guaidó stiffed him on the $1.5 million alleged bounty.

As the smoke settles we will keep you updated. This story is still developing and new facts will be revealed. Hopefully, we will soon get to the bottom of this debacle.

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20 thoughts on “Former Green Berets arrested in Venezuela in failed coup”

  1. This story just pisses me off. If you’re going to go all in and try something like this, then make sure you’re capable. This is a complete and utter embarrassment to American soldiers and veterans everywhere.

  2. I think Madura is a lying peace of manure and the whole communist party will do anything to try to get people on their side. To bad the U.S will not Intervene and take that thrown out of power. There hundred of thousand of people suffering at this lunatic’s rein of terror!

  3. Son of a sailor

    I can’t tell if they were setup by their boots on the ground contacts, fubared it or hoped with some measure of success would make for good sales & marketing for future business.

  4. Michael Loehr

    Thanks for the article. Regardless of the situation the two soldiers need to be brought home and not left there.

  5. Erik Veenkant

    Our special forces should be protecting our soil not taking jobs in other countries. Pay them for what they do.

  6. Malinda Loeffler

    It’s always been some crazy crap like this going down unfortunately on a reoccurrence, sadly! Reminds me of while I was still in Service when Killerly Clinton and Obama had the authority to stop the violence and make calls to prevent the overseas murders of
    those who were working/over the Embassy ! I’m just glad that at least these Army SOF’s have on face masks and are coming home Stateside! But honestly, as a Service Member of The US.. you follow through with every mission!! Thank until the mission is completed! You either go die or Ride all in.. or just don’t bother signing up and take THE OATH! My opinion.
    God Bless everyone!

  7. The U.S. can’t be held accountable what its soldiers do after they leave the service. These Ex-soldiers chose to do this and sadly got caught. I hope the best for them but fear the worst.

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