Austin votes to cut police fund $150 million, activists wanted more

“Some cities are more focused on political agendas than public safety,” says Texas governor Greg Abbott. This was in response to the Austin City Council voting to cut its police department budget. The council decided to remove $150 million dollars. This is about 34% of the department’s total budget.

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott went on to say this “puts the brave men and women of the Austin Police Department and their families at greater risk, and paves the way for lawlessness.”

Austin Mayor speaks

The move has been extremely unpopular with certain groups. Nevertheless, Austin Steve Mayor Adler fired back at critics by saying “I want to be clear that this budget is not punitive, it is not intended to punish police. We’re going to improve public safety in Austin together.” He went on to say “We need and I welcome the knowledge, the expertise and the good will that our first responders are going to bring to this process.”

However, not all protestors were pleased with the results. An Austin activist group named Communities of Color United said it was not enough. Moreover, they have publicly stated they wanted the number to be $220 million. This would be closer to 50% of the police budget.

Where is the money going?

Looking at the proposal, there will be an immediate $21.5 million cut to the police budget. This will be “reinvested” in a various amount of social programs. These include: mental health response, food allocation, housing generation. The list is long and includes funds for parks and trails. Additionally, spanning to victim services and workforce development. COVID response will also receive funds. Furthermore, money will go to abortion access, violence prevention, and early childhood coordinator position.

Another $80 million will go into a separate fund. This budget is aimed at transferring civilian services away from the Austin police. These include, forensic sciences and victim services. With the idea that unarmed civilians will deal with certain situations, instead of the police.

What do you think of all this? Should civilians take over roles of the police? Does this help or hurt the community? Sound off in the comments below!


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11 thoughts on “Austin votes to cut police fund $150 million, activists wanted more”

    1. Avatar

      Ridiculous, Texas is a stand your ground state. However police officers respond to things that people don’t realize. Yeah we may have our guns and we may not be afraid to use them. But what about when we can’t respond to something ? For instance while we’re at work and our wives, children, and elderly going to be able to defend themselves?

    2. Avatar

      These people are going to regret this big time once crime starts taking over the city and there won’t be any staff to pick up their 911 calls after someone accidentally runs over their cats! Houston crime is going to move on over to liberal Austin very quickly since it’s going to be a free for all! God bless the police force and all the brave men and women who will need new jobs!

  1. Avatar
    Walter J Maddox

    Same thing is happening in our small towns. Yet you ask them where is the money going? They give you the go to answer. “Improvements” Nothing but a line if shit!😡🤬

  2. Avatar

    This is gonna get worse for cities and fear the smaller cities will suffer more. Been shooting a lot more now with family. Getting pistol permits also. but in our state can take up to a year. Thankfully son goes into the Marines next summer after Graduation. Daughter doing 4 more years of college for Masters and she even says things at school do not feel the same with security there. They seem scared to say anything to kids on campus.

  3. Avatar

    They will eventually have refund the police but the commie programs they start will never end either so taxes will go up. Taxes are how the commies destroy the middle class. No middle class no America and they know this. The PD needs to walk off the job for a week.


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