Camp Schwab

Camp Schwab Marines fed moldy, expired food

As a result of COVID-19, some Camp Schwab Marines have been placed under “Restriction of Movement” (ROM). This denies Marines the ability to leave their assigned living space. Trips to the dinning facility, exchange, and other stores have been forbidden. Commands are supposed to provide meals. However, the IG page DD214_memes has uncovered another source of Marine Corps controversy.

Camp Schwab
Courtesy of DD214_memes

Camp Schwab

Located in the Okinawa Prefecture of Japan, Camp Schwab is home to a Marine Corps Camp. Currently there, on a Unit Deployment Program (UDP), is 1st Battalion, 2nd Marines (1/2).  This training was supposed to strengthen the unit’s cohesion. Yet, the actions of those in charge have done the opposite. Unable to go to the store, the Marines have been fully reliant on their commands. Despite this, they have repeatedly been given inadequate food. There is an expectation to not receive the best accommodations while serving, but this was the result of gross negligence, not war time necessity.

Camp Schwab
Courtesy of DD214_memes
“Expired 2 years ago”

In addition, to the small meals, 1/2 Marines have been receiving moldy & expired sandwiches. This may have been registered as an unfortunate oversight, if it were not for the fact they usually only get between 1000-1500 calories a day. One Marine was given an uncooked potato for dinner. Similarly, side items, such as chips, have also been expired.

Camp Schwab
Courtesy of DD214_memes
Retaliation for speaking out

These ramshackle efforts are exacerbated by further reports of Marines being threatened with punitive punishment. Commands have been allegedly monitoring their Marine’s social media. Moreover, those who have posted pictures, or lodged formal complaints, have been reprimanded by superiors. These actions have proceeded in spite of none of the information posted being classified, or hindering operational security.

Camp Schwab
Courtesy of DD214_memes


Last night, the Marine Corps Installations Pacific Official Facebook made an official statement. Below is an excerpt from the post.

“These reports were taken very seriously and acted upon immediately by leadership at the battalion, 3rd Marine Division and Marine Corps Installations Pacific. Members of the MCIPAC staff are currently inspecting all prepackaged meals and working with employees to ensure this doesn’t happen again. Battalion leadership is also working with the USO and MCCS to provide supplemental meals and snacks for the Marines. Taking care of our own is fundamental to leadership in the Marine Corps.”

The responding comments were not kind:

“Reason #1672 on why Marines won’t stay after their first enlistment.”

“It’s pretty hard to miss food with expiration dates from 2018. Major fail.”

“acted upon immediately”….by threatening Marines for going outside the command when the command gave them the finger….pathetic.”

Additionally, people went on to say:

“So let me take a guess real quick, the sgtmaj that didn’t and doesn’t actually give a f*** about his Marines well being will go unpunished along with the co and countless other snco that knew about this? This is one of the biggest reasons I’m getting out, among countless others.”

Civilians and Veterans alike have accused the Marine Corps of only acting as a response to criticisms. Also, calling out the attempts to silence the Marines affected. Many speculate this laxity would have continued without outside pressure. Marines in the unit have anonymously stated they feel their command does not care about them, at all. Surely, this is another black eye for the “world’s finest fighting force.”

Do you think this is an acceptable way to treat our Marines? Consequently, how should this matter be handled? Sound off in the comments below!

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10 thoughts on “Camp Schwab Marines fed moldy, expired food”

  1. I don’t believe that most of the American people look at it arm forces like they should. Our soldiers are over seas and even right here in our home and defending our freedom just like they have for centuries.

    1. These men and women train hard. To only give them between 1000 and 1500 calories a day is way below what is needed to keep them healthy and strong for their type of training. Add to that old moldy food. Our commanding officers should be ashamed of themselves. Bet they are eating good. Time to fix this garbage or change commanders.

  2. We lost a great Marine and Friend in 1/2 due to suicide. When asked why the local memorial service for him was taking so long to put together. Captain Gavin Henry the Commanding Officer of Alpha Company stated “we dont want to glamorize suicide”.
    That will stick with me forever.

  3. I cannot imagine being stuck inside your barracks for months on end and not have the means due to restrictions to go to the fucking chowhall for a meal, and I served in the Corps on Schwab for nearly a year on UDP due to the Iraq invasion. During that time we experienced two separate cyclones, both directly over Okinawa. So we were stuck inside about a week for each, but at least we were able prepare for those storms ahead of time by stocking up on shit like Mac & cheese and top raman we cooked and boiled water in electric cookers. This ROM is just too much restriction and it’s only going to cost commands respect and loyalty. Open the facilities, let your Marines go by platoon or squad if need be. This is ludicrous.

  4. C’mon, you have to do better! These men an women chose to serve our country and you should have a better vetting system for food service! What happened here is absolutely disgusting! The service men and women deserve our best! They are out there defending our freedoms!

  5. thomas bourland

    This is unsatisfactory, even more so is the chains response to marines venting
    about what food they are offered. Some SGM got his feelers hurt. Serving expired food
    shows someone in the food service chain was not performing to standards.
    I think the reaction is typical between the branches, I do not have a frame of reference
    relating to the Marine corps. I do however have some experience with the army. Feed your grunts
    water them and provide some sort of MWR and they will do what needs to be done.

  6. That was actually penicillin mold. Their command was thinking ahead knowing about military pay days and Whisper Alley on Okinawa. Lmao! Semper Fi 🙂

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