El Dorado Fire

Gender Reveal Accidentally Burns 10.5k Acres, Forces Evacuations

We are big a fan of theatrics, but safety should always be paramount. However, a family in San Bernardino learned this the hard way. A terrible mishap during a gender reveal party, sparked a massive fire in California. This inferno has forced nearby residents from their homes.

El Dorado Fire. Via Twitter @realMrSmall

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection made the following statement:

CAL FIRE Law Enforcement has determined the El Dorado Fire, burning near Oak Glen in San Bernardino County, was caused by a smoke generating pyrotechnic device, used during a gender reveal party. The fire began at 10:23 am on September 5, 2020 in the El Dorado Ranch Park in Yucaipa. The fire spread from the park to the north on to Yucaipa Ridge that separates Mountain Home Village and Forest Falls from the City of Yucaipa.

El Dorado Fire via Twitter @SanBernardinoNF

Witnesses claim the trouble began when the smoke machine set fire to the surrounding 4-foot-tall grass. Although party goers attempted to put the fire out with water bottles, the fire spread.

Fire Captain Speaks

Captain Bennet Milloy of the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection made several brief statements. He said, the family called 911 to report the fire. Additionally, that criminal charges are being considered, but no official decision has been made. The authorities opting to not file any charges while the fire still burns. The department also claimed it could seek financial reimbursement for the cost of fighting the fire.

Furthermore, Captain Milloy said, “I can’t speak on their behalf, but personally, I can only imagine how terrible they have to feel for a lot of reasons.”

The Twitter for the San Bernardino National Forest just posted that the fire has burned 10,574 acres. Additionally, that the blaze is only at 16% containment. Over 600 personnel responded to this emergency. Two of which have been injured. Several fires are currently being battled at once in California.

Operational Risk Management forms are boring, but serve a purpose. Make sure to be safe and be vigilant to potential dangers. What do you think of this situation? Is it an unfortunate circumstance, or criminal neglect? Sound off in the comments below!

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6 thoughts on “Gender Reveal Accidentally Burns 10.5k Acres, Forces Evacuations”

    1. Avatar

      With all the fires going on in California they should of known better like use a pinata or a cake. They should be held some financial responsibility towards the cost of the damage it is causing.

  1. Avatar

    Did the Australian wild fires teach us nothing? At this point this shit shouldn’t even be considered an accident anymore and charges should be filed. What is wrong with people.

  2. Avatar

    Atleast tell me it was a boy. What idiot is going to use that type of equipment next to 4 foot tall grass? I feel so bad for the residents in the surrounding area, this just adds insult to their injuries.

  3. Avatar

    Accidents happen. We have for 30 yrs atleast been talking bigger and bigger fires in this country and yet thay happen again and again without a crisis order to clean up our forest floors. When will our government quit waisting billions on Non profits and politicians well being and start using our tax payer money to protect American property and life . While this incident was accidental in the portland area it has been reported that some fires may have been set by antifa. (reported) not proven.


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