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Virginia Man Denied Happy Meal, Brandishes BB Gun

Stafford County Sheriff’s Department released a statement about a recent incident at a local McDonald’s. Specifically, it was over a Happy Meal.

The statement said, “Employees on scene reported a DoorDash driver was unhappy that Happy Meals cannot be ordered from the breakfast menu. The driver became agitated and, before leaving in a white Toyota sedan, commented that he would return to the store and execute everyone.”

Afterwards, reports began to come in of a man who matched the same description. They claimed he was brandishing a pistol at drivers on the road. As officers investigated, another citizen reported someone had pointed a gun at them. The description of the perpetrator was the same as the man reported at McDonald’s.

Shortly after that, the McDonald’s called 911 again to say the enraged man had returned. The authorities arrived and took James Springer, 36, in to custody. Although they did not find a gun, a BB gun was located in the suspect’s vehicle. It was later confirmed the BB gun was the suspect brandished at the victims.

The Sheriff’s Department stated, “The suspect incorrectly believed recent decriminalization efforts made it legal to point BB guns at people.”

It also is unclear why Mr Springer wanted the Happy Meal so badly. However, it was surely not worth it. Stay tuned to American Grit for more news, stories and events.


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